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The Astronomical Companion

Guy Ottewell's Excellent Reference to Classical Astronomy

Astronomical Companion  - Excellent Reference to Classical Astronomy

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The Astronomical Companion
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Description: Want an enlightening "textbook" on astronomy that you can read with joy? Here you'll find detailed explanations and diagrams for all aspects of positional astronomy. Contains the best written discussion of calendars, the moon's orbit, meteors, and asteroids we've read. Guy Ottewell brings these subjects to life with authority and historical context. Sixteenth Printing, newly updated and expanded in November 2000. 11"x15". 72 pp.

The Astronomical Companion
by Guy Ottewell

This Companion is a book to look in for explanations, for reference, or for mere enjoyment. It is for those who already enjoy astronomy or the idea of it.

This book may be used to guide or supplement a short non-mathematical course in astronomy. Some sections would be required reading, while others can be left to catch the eye of the interested student.

This book also functions as a companion volume to the annual Astronomical Calendar in similar format. In fact, this Companion was born from the need for non-year-dependent supplementary material that had begun to swell the bulk of the Calendar

The Astronomical Companion by Guy Ottewell

An Excellent Reference to Classical Astronomy

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Guy Ottewell's
The Astronomical Companion

Sixteenth Printing with Revisions. 11x15 inch 72  page book newly updated in November 2000. The price per copy from AstroMax is $19.00  

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AstroMax Introductory Astronomy Binocular Kit $99.00
Chandler First Light
Introductory Astronomy Kit 
The Universe DVD by Tim Tully and Universe Productions $25.00
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Chandler Night Sky  
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Chandler Night Sky
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Chandler Booklet Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars


Chandler Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars 


A Packet of Observing Programs from the Astronomical League and
A Primer for the Beginning Astronomer Five Lessons to Help You learn the Sky

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Introductory Astronomy Binocular Kit


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