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Selecting the Right Chart for Your Latitude

Latitude Ranges Available:

  • 20-30

  • 30-40

  • 40-50

When selecting a planisphere, it is a pretty good idea to select the one for the latitude range in which you live. You can do this easily by referring to the charts and maps on this page. But keep in mind that the planispheres that are designed for northern latitudes will not show more southerly stars and constellations. For this reason, and especially if you sometimes travel to the southern parts of the US, it is often a good idea to get the planisphere for the latitude range below the one you live in. Keep in mind, too, that the planispheres with latitude range of 20-30 can be used in all parts of the United States, including Hawaii and Florida. And if you are planning to take a planisphere on your next Caribbean Cruise, the 20-30 version is definitely the one to get!

The Night Sky : A New Kind of Planisphere



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The Night Sky Planispheres

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SMALL Planisphere: $6.00


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Large and Small Planispheres

Sizes: Large (10" x 8.5"), Small (6" x 5")

Latitude Ranges: 20°-30°, 30°-40°, 40°-50°, 50°-60°, Southern Hemisphere (30°-40° South)

Description: The Night Sky Planisphere is printed with dark stars on a light background for easy nighttime readability. The constellations are drawn simply, emphasizing the brighter stars. Coordinate grid lines are shown without being intrusive. A selection of deep sky objects for binocular viewing is included. The map scale is larger than on similar-size planispheres because the whole sky does not have to be shown on a single map. Even the 5" pocket version is large enough to be quite readable.

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